Ink Stamp of a Homeless Child

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This is a piece I did in an art class in high school. I carved the design into some sort of rubber stamp material, dipped it in ink, and pressed it onto paper. 

I call it “Abandoned” for it is a design of a homeless child sleeping on old rags on the street. 

When I was carving the design, I made the cuts really deep, which gives it the sharp edges. To help the child stand out, I gave some of the materials surrounding it a stripped type of pattern.

I chose to do this design based on a photograph I found in a National Geographic magazine. The photo moved me and I decided to create this work to bring attention to how terrible poverty is and the need to do something about it. 

I lost the original prints, but I still have this scan of it. I could probably have it printed if anyone is interested in it. 

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