Finally Know

finally know poem

By Rebekah Firestone

Looking around

A sea of faces

Many people

Never felt more alone.

Looking down

One face

Full of promise

Full of hope

Barely hours old…


He showed me how to love

To believe in someone.

Broken heart,

When they are sad

Broken heart,

When I have to leave

But, his smile…

Mends my broken heart.

To have a warm feeling

When you see them.

To love him

So much

You’d die

For him.

Twenty six years it took

And now…

I know.

People shuffling

Outside the door.

Announcements blaring

Over the PA system.

Too bright,

Too cold,

The smell of latex,


But, I was lost

In his grin.

All I could see

Was my nephew.

3 years pass…

World in chaos

Shootings too close

To home.

Wanted to see him,

To hug him,

To tell him,


Would be OK.

I sit next to him.

I knit

To stitch

The ever looming

Anxiety away.

Click clack

Click clack

The repetition calms me.

The yarn runs through my fingers

Taking with it

My troubles.

From across the sofa

He makes me smile.

Auntie Bekah


Auntie Bekah,


I fell in love

All over


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