Famous People with Asperger’s Syndrome

famous people with aspergers

There are a lot of famous people throughout history that are suspected to have Asperger’s Syndrome, and some of the names may surprise you. 

Here’s a list of 12 famous people that are known or suspected to have Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft company, Mr.Gates has been suspected to have this disorder. There are a few reports say that he have been diagnosed with it. He shows signs such as having high intellect and find it difficult to speak in public. Even though he has this disorder but it did not stop him from achieving his goal.

Micheal Jackson

Jackson performing in June 1988 (credit: Wikipedia)

The famous singer and dancer Micheal Jackson was suspected to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. He had unusual social behavior and immature social interaction.

Charlie Chaplin

Publicity portrait, c. 1920 (credit: Wikipedia)

This man needs no introduction. The famous comedian Charlie Chaplin however have this disorder. The people who were close to him pointed out that he had difficulty in controlling his emotions, lack of social interaction and he was completely focused into his work.

Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln in November 1863 (credit: Wikipedia)

The 16th U.S President Abraham Lincoln is thought by some to have had Asperger’s syndrome. He had a stiff nature and a downcast history.

James Taylor

Taylor in the mid-1970s (credit: Wikipedia)

The American singer and songwriter James Taylor is suspected of having Asperger’s syndrome. He is known for writing sensitive song and have won the Grammy award 5 times.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah in 2014 (credit: Wikipedia)

The famous actress known for her roles in blade runner, wall street, splash has recently opened up of having Asperger’s syndrome since childhood. She had a shy nature in her childhood but took a big step of working in movies. She is a great example of perseverance, as being able to achieve a huge success while being uncomfortable in social situations.

Travis Meeks

Travis Meeks (credit: Dayton City Paper)

The famous vocalist and guitarist have been recorded saying that he have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle in front of fans and paparazzi, November 2009 (credit: Wikipedia)

The famous Scottish singer has not only been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome but was also informed that she has above average IQ. She had very unusual social behavior and had difficulty in expressing her feelings. She stated in an interview that “Asperger’s doesn’t define me. It’s a condition that I have to live with and work through” she has become a role of inspiration for many people having this disorder to be brave.

David Byrne

Byrne in October 2006 (credit: Wikipedia)

The founder of talking heads Mr.Byrne has also been recorded of having autistic condition in his performances. This was not authentic until 2009 when David himself confirmed this in his statement of having Asperger’s syndrome.

Tim Burton

Burton in 2012 (credit: Wikipedia)

An American film director Tim Burton who is having high intellect but also socially awkward is suspected of having Asperger’s syndrome. His wife, Helena Bonham, Carter feels that Burton might be autistic. She did some research on this and found to have many similarities between those having this disorder and her husband.

Adam Young

Adam Young (credit: Songfacts)

Adam Young is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of electronic project Owl city. In an interview he himself said that he is having Asperger’s syndrome. The musician had also stated that he was incredibly introverted and shy but this did not stop him from becoming famous and having million of followers worldwide.

Dan Aykroyd

Aykroyd in 2009 (credit: Wikipedia)

Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd revealed that he has a mild Asperger syndrome, however this seems to be surprising because he’s not one to shy away from attention. He is also an example to inspire many other people coping with this disorder.

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