Are Video Games Good for People with Asperger’s and ASD?

video games are good for asd aspergers

A few years ago, I spent countless hours playing my favorite video games. They consumed my thoughts and much of my time. It was something I greatly enjoyed. It was an escape from reality and the stresses of daily life, so naturally I wanted to spend as much time playing as possible. 

Video games were very freeing for me. I was able to control, explore, and interact in an environment without worrying so much about the unpredictable behaviors of people as I do in real life. I was able to be creative and it was fun and challenging.

When I got home from work, I’d take a deep breath and start up my favorite game and it was bliss. With a few clicks, I was back in a world that I preferred.

Perhaps it’s not this way for most people, but I found that my digital characters were an extension of myself. Video games enabled me to express different aspects of my personality and character. I’ve had good characters and evil ones, but even in game, I had my limitations on what I found acceptable and what was not. Either way, I knew where to draw the line between video game and reality. 

My video game obsession became a problem when it turned into an addiction and started interfering with my daily life on a massive scale.

I spent much of my time indoors and I began having financial problems. Rather than confront the problems and fix them, I just ran to the games because reality was too stressful. This of course made things worse. 

These days I spend much of my time working on projects that are meaningful to me. While I do still play games on occasion, it’s far less frequently and I spend much of my free time on hobbies like painting or playing the guitar. 

So are video games good for people with Asperger’s and ASD? Yes, in moderation. Too much of any good thing can be bad.

So if it’s preventing you from living and experiencing your life, preventing you from meeting new people and engaging with the world in a meaningful way, perhaps it’s time to cut back. 

Here’s a video that explores some of the great benefits of video games and how it can help children with autism.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you think video games are good or bad for people with Asperger’s or ASD?

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